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Cover for Yummy: A History of Desserts

Follow the food sprite Peri as she explores the history of some of our favorite foods! Yummy: A History of Desserts and Tasty: A History of Yummy Experiments are my first two published comics from Random House Graphic. Click on their covers to learn more!

Both books are out now! Would you like to purchase a copy?

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My romantic YA reinterpretation of Phantom of the Opera, featuring Erika, haunted by her own loneliness, as she pursues her obsessive crush on Christian, the cutest boy in her theater class.

Erika knows that people find her weird and off-putting. But for some reason, Christian is kind to her and even agrees to star in the play that she wrote for him. But the more time Erika spends with Christian, the more she wonders what he sees in a creep like her. Can Erika somehow write her way into the center of her own heartfelt love story? Or does Christian have an ending of his own in mind?

Coming out September 3, 2024 through Scholastic/Graphix! Available for preorder now through local & major bookstores!!

something new?

A little introduction to some new weird teens…

Watch this space.

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