This is a little place for me to talk about whatever I feel like! Maybe explaining bits of my process, maybe rambling about my favorite things. Something like a newsletter or a blog, but a little more Free.

open up this pit

February 8, 2024

Hi! Welcome to my first freetalk!

Honestly, thank you for wandering over to this part of the site to read my ramblings. As I was building this site, I kept thinking “I want a blog…but like…not a blog…” HAHA. I don’t really feel comfortable teaching or writing tutorials! And I hate rigid structures or scheduling to these kinds of these things!! I’m busy making my comics!!! It takes all my time!!

But god. I LOVE rambling.

slow & steady

May 9, 2024

I’ve been back at the drawing table! Lately, I’ve been working on a new project, and though I’ve been working at an exhausting pace (. . .or maybe doing too much in April. . .), I am loving it so, so much.

For some reason, I got it in my head to compare art from this new project with some art from 10 years ago.