open up this pit

Hi! Welcome to my first freetalk!

Honestly, thank you for wandering over to this part of the site to read my ramblings. As I was building this site, I kept thinking “I want a blog…but like…not a blog…” HAHA. I don’t really feel comfortable teaching or writing tutorials! And I hate rigid structures or scheduling to these kinds of these things!! I’m busy making my comics!!! It takes all my time!!

But god. I LOVE rambling.

Do y’all ever read manga with freetalk in them? They’re some of my favorite perks of manga — I just love when a manga artist is going THROUGH it obsessing over a video game or shares a little insight into how an idea came to them. My favorites were in Io Sakisaka’s Love Me, Love Me Not. Aside from her being a Scholar Of Romance Writing, she shares so many cute stories. I loved seeing her slow descent into becoming obsessed with SHINee and Taemin LOL. And there’s always the iconic freetalk of Haruko Ichikawa in Land of the Lustrous where she’s thinking about getting a playstation in one volume, finally gets a playstation in the next volume, and then suddenly the manga went on indefinite hiatus LOL. It was like “oh…man…hope you’re enjoying that playstation” HAHA

Anyway, this will be that for me. We don’t have freetalk in North American comics!! I mean, unless you’re able to put it in the pages after the comic like Jade Armstrong did for Scout Is Not a Band Kid or you’re fully self-published like Saicoink and can do whatever you want. I’m thinking of sharing sketches, idle thoughts, funny stories, maybe some insight into writing and making comics, but really it’s not gonna be very polished. That’s kinda the charm of these things, though, isn’t it?

That’s all for now. See you next time!