Tasty Title
Who made the first cheese? Why did people start putting salty veggies in jars?? How did soda get fizzy???

In Tasty: A History of Yummy Experiments, food sprites Peri, Fee, & Fada are joined by the water sprite Naia to explore the history of sweet and savory foods alike!

‚Äč Coming out December 5, 2023! This book is the partner to Yummy: A History of Desserts and works as a stand-alone installment. Read in either order!

Meet the Sprites!

The food sprites from Yummy are back in Tasty! And this time, they're joined by Naia, a water sprite who loves putting her research in cute journals! What are their favorite of these new foods?


Here's a collection of outfits & preview images for the new book!