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Who made the first cheese? Why did people start putting salty veggies in jars?? How did soda get fizzy???

In Tasty: A History of Yummy Experiments, food sprites Peri, Fee, & Fada are joined by the water sprite Naia to explore the history of sweet and savory foods alike!

​ This book is the partner to Yummy: A History of Desserts and works as a stand-alone installment. Read in either order!

Thoughts on Tasty

[The sprites'] methods of teaching include journal entries, dramatizations of various food legends, late night talk show-style interview segments with historic figures, “science lab” segments explaining aspects of food science, and the aforementioned recipes. It’s so varied that, although Elliott has a formula she establishes at the beginning, it hardly feels like one is sitting through school during all this education; in Tasty, learning is genuinely fun.

J. Caleb Mozzocco

School Library Journal

Tasty is an inventive work of kids' nonfiction. Elliott uses the graphic format to create a book that is equal parts history, trivia, and cookbook, and entertains as much as it informs. The author's sprites are charming and funny and keep the book moving forward. Elliott's nuanced exploration uses food to bridge cultures, showcasing the similarities in a wide range of global cuisines. Included recipes are simple enough for young chefs, and the story may inspire them to seek out more. Young readers and their foodie caretakers will almost certainly love learning all about their favorite Tasty treats.

Kyla Paterno

Shelf Awareness

Meet the Sprites!

The food sprites from Yummy are back in Tasty! And this time, they're joined by Naia, a water sprite who loves putting her research in cute journals! What are their favorite of these new foods?

Try A Recipe

If you'd like to test out a recipe from Tasty yourself, here's the recipe for gelatin cups with gummy worms!


Here's a little peek into Tasty featuring development art and my favorite pages & goofs!