Erika knows that people find her weird and off-putting. Instead of making friends, she finds solace in talking to herself and obsessing over actors and idols. When she starts attending a new school, her loneliness takes on a life of its own and she develops a new obsession: the cutest boy in her theater class, Christian.

For some reason, Christian is kind to her and even agrees to star in the play that she wrote for him. Erika starts to find a creative voice that might even lead to new friendship…and romance.

But the more time Erika spends with Christian, the more she wonders what he sees in a creep like her. In this reimagining of Phantom of the Opera, can Erika somehow write her way into the center of her own heartfelt love story? Or does Christian have an ending of his own in mind?

Preorder now at your local or major bookstore! It’ll be available in stores later this fall on September 3 from Scholastic/Graphix!

This is my take on the “ugly duckling” romance – like Kare Kano, Kimi ni Todoke, True Beauty, and Princess Jellyfish – told through the lens of a queer person obsessed with cute boys and dressed in the Phantom’s clothes.

My entire heart is in this story. It has been a gift to draw Christian & Erika & their friends every day. I hope you look forward to reading it! And in the meantime, here’s some preview art and pages to whet your appetite.